Project Funding Help Request –

Currently our program consists of the following services:

Integrated screening and assessments, Process for identification of mental health issues in youth, Initial risk assessments, Psychiatric and psychological evaluations, Integrated and evidenced based mental health treatment services, Individualized treatment planning, Family involvement in assessment, treatment, and transition, Protection of confidential mental health files, Suicide prevention assessment and response policy, Discharge, aftercare, and transitioning planning, Psycho-pharmacological treatment, Informed consent for psychotropic medications, Psychiatric crisis response.

Project Outline for Funding Help Request –

As a service provider we are being mandated to grow and function in a much wider capacity as coordinator of local services and as a developer of new support programs and services as dictated by the community and county we are physically located. teams as outlined in the GBI Series 4800 standard for business incubation infrastructure, service center and support hub (Q3:ISO4800 Business Incubation Standards Framework). These teams include Finance, Community Dev, Real Estate, Advertising / PR, Publishing, Insurance, Banking,

In order to increase the number of youth services provided, the number of youth serviced, increase the number of host families and beds, and to function as an accredited agency hub for youth services we are pursuing a program to raise $500,000 in seed capital order to form our YSO Series 1 cluster.

This cluster will produce, at full capacity, 48 youth service capacity (total serviced at any one time) 64 jobs, and $400k+ monthly revenue income into the local economies. Each area the cluster is located and centralized around a community revitalization target areas.

We have developed a grid of partnerships that encompasses a framework of ten core management Communications, Marketing, Innovation Research , Information Technology and Management.

The ignition spark is built around our 8 grid residential service homes consisting of an admin office / counseling center and 8 homes. Our residential services matrix is described below to service the following populations and time frames:

2 male and 2 female long term care homes 30 days to adulthood for at risk youth 12-17,

1 male and 1 female emergency care facility short term residence 24hr – 30 days

1 male and 1 female transitional homes services 18-24 yr olds

Within the cluster we are set to service a minimum of 48 youth total in long / short term and male / female facilities population thereby helping to also diminish homelessness because of the continuation of care, enabling the youth to achieve a successful transition into adulthood, independence and community living. We currently have 2 youth group homes in operation so the expansion will put 8 facilities under our supervision and successful programs which include rehabilitation, family reunification, education and re-entry.