We offer a variety of specialty groups to meet the needs of our designated target population. Each resident receives and participates with other residents one time per week for 30-60 minutes, counseling session provided by the clinical therapist.

  • Group Centered Leadership (GCL):
    The delinquent behavior displayed by most residents is not seen as entirely the result of the indicated emotional disturbances. It is indicated that residents do have a meaningful support group, or reference group, which is providing a “normative” orientation for our residents’ delinquency.

To address these sociological phenomena associated with residents, the minors participate in group therapy, which will give the resident the opportunity to examine the ultimate utility of conventional norms versus delinquent norms and values. Further, GCL will make group interaction a rehabilitative tool by including the resident in peer group decision-making and granting status and positive recognition for participation in treatment and for acceptance of conventional values.

Progress in this treatment modality and other treatment approaches at The Group Home will be measured by the residents ability to make good decisions about himself and others and by the resident’s ability to achieve higher status, and hence more privileges within the GCL group.


Goals are establish upon initial intake. At admission the primary goal for the minor is to learn the program. Academic and societal and personal goal are also discussed and set. The are of concentration is continually defined and reviewed and measured with the minors on an ongoing basis.

  • Educational/Vocational Training

Upon admission, the vast majority of children placed will have failed to adjust to a regular school program and are in need of a specialized educational program. Therefore, The Group Home will work with the school district to provide an education program and The Group Home will utilize the district’s recourses to design and implement the minors’ needs. .

The Special Education program offered is solely for the purpose of providing an appropriate education for the clients placed in our program. The GCL group model is utilized in the school setting, ensuring continuity and consistency in regard to shaping the client’s behavior throughout the day.

The focus of instruction is on developing competency in the core subjects of reading, English, sciences, social studies, and arithmetic. The Group Home will also provides each student with meaningful social interaction and a forum for understanding the boundaries of positive and acceptable behavior through the use of an in class behavior management system.

Residents are referred to the school for placement as soon as they arrive at The Group Home. If special education services are indicated (existing I.E.P. or known history) a program is developed for the student to meet his or her educational needs within the school setting.

  1. Homework

Students have homework assignments every night. Homework time is from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The time is structured time designated for study and is supervised by the childcare Workers and Supervising childcare Workers who ensure that residents do their homework.

The Program Director and Facility Manager functions as the school liaison.