Pennacle Foundation, Inc.’s residential program is specifically designed to offer intensive clinical and therapeutic services to those youth who are at risk. Minors will be referred to this agency Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and or County of Probation.

The overall program goal is to provide an in-house residential program that initiates an individualized treatment based on each child’s emotional and social development. The primary objective is to facilitate the minor’s return to his/her home or family whenever possible, or developed an alternative plan that provides the minor with a continuity of care.

Pennacle Foundation. Inc currently offers to the adolescent who participate within the program a structured after school program that encompasses drug and alcohol treatment service, anger managements, basic and human right, self empowerment and a strong independent living and economic development programs.

Our target population includes youth 12-17 years with: a history of multiple placements in the Foster Care System; previous engagement with the Juvenile Justice System; learning disabilities; multiple psychiatric hospitalizations; history of eloping from previous residential facilities; history of harming themselves or others; and those with a history of substance abuse.

Pennacle foundation was conceptualized and incorporated in 1998. Sixteen years later, we remains a reality due to charitable contributions of individual donors, fund raisers, grant providers and contracts with Children Services and regional Centers.

The recreation center is one of the focal point of Pennacle Foundation. It includes a 2000 square foot recreation room offering a variety of activities and it is separated into a gaming room area, a “living room” area, arts and crafts area, and an educational area. The Center also includes a mini-kitchen, an office and a computer area.

The Youth Center is a service program that utilizes a unique prevention and intervention approach for those youth who are at-risk and high-risk. Most of the youth served come from low-income families; 8 in 10 students are failing at least four of his/her classes.

The program is designed to provide youth with essential services in order to help them flourish. The program provides youth with an array of services including; counseling, case management, academic support mentoring, nutritional meals, and health education. The Center also addresses the underlying reasons why youth may not succeed in school, relationships, employment, and college. The center is to provide enrichment and wrap-around services to high risk youth.