Most minors arrive with a variety of information regarding their psycho-social, developmental or medical histories. One measure of success is if each minor receives a comprehensive assessment to provide an adequate baseline for treatment. Specific outcome measures include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Children admitted to the program, at the time of intake, will receive assessment services including: medical, physical and dental evaluations, social functioning assessments, psychological testing, psychiatric evaluations and other tests/assessments as needed.

  • Clients will be provided academic assessments depending upon each client’s situation if currently not the minor will be referred to the Regional Center for supplemental services.

  • Child and family assessments through family counseling and monitored family visits.

  • Recommendations for placement to the appropriate “least restrictive or more restrictive environment.” level of care; and assistance in securing placement in collaboration with the Social Worker and/or Probation Worker and Regional Center Service Coordinator, on graduation or discharge from the program. Behavioral changes will be used as a measure of treatment program effectiveness for individual residents and the agency using the following criteria:

  • Achievement of personal behavior goals, which are, determined by the client in collaboration with childcare workers, therapists and his residents in GCL groups.

  • The residents increased participation in his own case plan as shown by openness, disclosure, cooperation in dealing with family issues, willingness to engage in problem solving, participation in group, expressing wants and needs, etc.

  • Decreases in the number of inappropriate behaviors as measured by incident reports, social worker contacts, childcare worker notes, log and level system achievements.

  • Reduction in the frequency, duration and intensity of acting outs and negative behavior.

  • Improvements in school behavior and performance as shown by overall performance of assigned tasks (cooperation, completion, quality and etc.).