1. It is our goal to provide a complete and thorough set of diagnostic assessments such as POSIT (problem oriented screening instrument), SSBS (school social behavior scale) and others. This in conjunction with the child’s social services advocate will help determine the optimal treatment plan for the individual minor’s needs.

  2. We provide a caring, structured, and therapeutic living environment that aims at the optimal support, growth, and adjustment of each client on the basis of individual strengths and needs, demonstrated both in daily living milieu and in the assessment process. Generally, all clients come to us in varying degrees of trauma, violation of the law, feeling the devastating effects of neglect and abuse. Regressive behavior on the part of these clients is expected and is dealt with as a normal reaction of a traumatized child. Optimally, the expected residential period is between six and eighteen months.

  3. During each minor’s stay we treat the total child: physical health, emotional problems, diagnostic needs (medical, psychological, neurological, and psychiatric), personal hygiene, intelligence, learning and developmental skills, social behavior and adaptive skills, the family situation, the home and community, special talents, and specific personal needs. It is our endeavor to address all of these aspects of a resident’s situation in an effort to assess both his strengths and abilities and his needs to be prepared for success in a major permanent situation.

We serve both to promote the developed mentally appropriate autonomy of each child we care for and to guarantee to his full dignity as a person.