Once admitted the client meets with the agencies Program Therapist, who gather relevant case information and interview the client. A Needs Assessment and Services Plan is developed and entered in the client’s case file within 7 working days.

The client’s co-counselor completes recreational assessments. The recreation assessment is comprised of direct behavior observations, which are designed to measure the child’s personal abilities and interests, developmental needs and social functioning. Social workers may use the recreation assessment to aid them in developing individualized treatment plans.

A physical and dental examination is performed within the first week and a psychological evaluation, by the agency’s psychologist, is completed within 30 days. The agency’s psychiatrist will meet the minor and do a psychiatric evaluation. Assessment are a continual process which involves the presentation and analysis of evaluations, test results, observed behaviors and interviews with clients and significant others.

The agency will maintain complete files on assessments and will ensure that they are updated on a quarterly basis to measure program effectiveness and minor’s progress.

The most basic functions of The Group Home are diagnostic assessment and the therapeutic stabilization and treatment of traumatized adolescents. These functions are undertaken within the context of a milieu designed both to help measure the child’s abilities and delays and to develop an individualized plan to encourage subsequent growth in both areas. The following interactive elements of this milieu serve as guidelines for primary and ongoing assessment:

  • Consistent, structured living environment and daily routine;

  • Comprehensive diagnostic assessments: medical, social, developmental, academic, psychological, psychiatric and neurological (if need is indicated in the assessment process)

  • Individualized treatment plan development;

  • Program supportive of individualized treatment plan’s goals;

  • Age appropriate recreational program;

  • Individual and group therapy;

  • Group Centered Leadership (GCL) groups;

  • Family/parent counseling.

  • Continual monitoring by specially trained staff, or community staff

The Group Home will provide an environment, which is both safe and stimulating to the child. This is based upon the recognition that no child will be likely to act unless he can trust his environment and those around him to be safe and encouraging. A special team has been developed to provide such a milieu; and they are continually being trained in skills that can enhance the minor’s daily growth. Each minor is supported throughout their daily routine by a paraprofessional staff who uses their time helping children learn appropriate ways of interacting effectively with peers and with adults. Also, the minors are in continual view of staff during waking hours. Staff observes the minors every fifteen minutes during sleeping hours.

The program is operational 24 hours a day. Regular business hours for administrative and clerical functions are Monday through Friday; 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. qualified staff is available (24) hours every day, nights and weekends to answer calls for emergency situations. The Program Director, Clinical Director are always available by pager. They assist supervisory staff, respond to problems and provide clinical back up and procedural guidance.

LCSW, MFCC, Master and bachelor’s level social workers provide therapeutic case management services to our resident’s. Social Workers are closely supervised by one of the directors. They are required to attend weekly individual supervision, group supervision/case consultation, and team meetings for the children on their caseloads. They also meet with the child’s supervising childcare worker to review daily routine assessments and develop treatment plans.

Social Workers have access to consultation with our consulting physicians, psychologists, therapists and psychiatrist and are provided formalized training seminars and workshops. In addition, our clinical treatment team provides childcare training in their areas of expertise to agency staff.

Therapy is determined via the treatment planning team in review of all incoming residents. All residents receive individual therapy at least two times per week. They will be in at least one specialty group per week i.e. sexual molest, substance abuse, values clarification, family reunification. Our goal is to have several contacts during a quarterly period. The session length is from 30 to 60 minutes depending on need. Residents will see the psychologist twice a month and the psychiatrist once a month on a regular basis.