1. To oversee and facilitate any and all newly developed programs, which fall under the Pennacle Foundation’s corporate structure, mission and philosophy.

2. To develop a community based operation of resources and programs, for families and children who are spiritually, culturally, economically and emotionally in need, that provide services and support for ethnically diverse communities.  Hereto, who share a common interest in fostering the mission, philosophy, and program methodology of the community we serve.

3. To establish and provide a fundraising and donation network resource pool, of which opportunities will create new community based programs that will enhance stimulate promote the lives of the people being served.

4. To allocate fundraising and donation proceeds to selected community based youth programs, academic enrichment program, higher learning institutions, non-profit organizations, social service programs, charities and needy families.  Others benefiting programs may benefit from the fundraising and donations on behalf of Pennacle Foundation which are not limited to the above.

5. To establish collaboration efforts with other community based organizations that share a common interest in social and economical development with the aptitude, intent and purpose to enhance, empower and impact community both local and statewide.